Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

Have I mentioned I hate outlines? Yes, yes, I think I have. I can assure you nothing has changed. Here’s specifically why I hate this outline. We’ll call it the “Culture Special Field Outline”:

1. It never goes away.
2. It’s become a huge guessing game. Have you ever done an outline of books based on their content before you’ve actually read them? One word: Nightmare.
3. It’s 8 pages long.
4. It shows up in my dreams as a living, breathing dream character. This I find creepy.
5. It’s gone through multiple drafts (which I also deeply hate with the passion of a 1000 burning suns…I originally typed “sons” which is a different image altogether…)

Basically, this thing is the academic equivalent of The Swamp Thing. Just when you think you’re safe to dive into the water of the Sociology of Culture which equals in volume(s) (…get it…volumes like books…and the sea is volumes of water…no?) the Indian Ocean (not the Pacific but the Indian), this thing will slimily graze your toes in the shallow water and scare the crap out of you.

I just spend my good days running back up the beach in terror.

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