It’s a Dissertation, People

I have a rant. I’m not sure why but people who talk to me about my school work ask me how my thesis is going, I get all up on the warpath. This makes me insanely, crazily, angrily nuts. Why? I think it’s because I’m well beyond the point of thesis. No, no. Make no mistake. I’m doing (well, not yet, but soon) a dissertation. It’s longer. It’s more involved. It’s exponentially more painful. I think it’s also why you get three letters after your name when you’re done as opposed to the two that come with a thesis.

But here’s my real rant: I can’t believe this bothers me so much. It’s academic craziness. It’s splitting hairs for most people. It’s mincing words. And I don’t care. I’d like you to ask me about my dissertation, because that’s what my work is now. And I’d like you to acknowledge the difference between the type (and length) of work it takes to get a Masters (which is always admirable) and the type (AND LENGTH!) of work it takes to get a PhD. Basically, I want you to acknowledge my pain, that’s all. Please.

Consider yourself warned. Drop the word thesis at your own risk from now on.

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