And thus it begins again…again

So you go out, you see the world, and where do you always end up…that’s right…right back here.  After years of trying to “strike out on my own” and host my own blog and website…I got priced out of the game…and somewhat lost my way.  I needed to be off the grid, unfindable, doing my thing.  And the thing of it was that I always find myself incomprehensibly drawn back to writing about the crap that happens everyday that, in sum, makes up this weird life of strung-together, sometimes un-exciting adventures. I knew I had some kinda free blog still out there “in the world” and seriously considered deleting this one and starting all over…but that’s something I always do.  No need to start fresh…what’s here before deserves to stay…and so I’m just starting again.

Originally, this was just a blog about grad school.  Sadly, that’s still a major portion of everyday and I’ll still probably write about that…but it’s also the diary of all of my wanderings, which truly are wanderings…random, sometimes surprising, sometimes killer.  So, who knows what this’ll be day to day…and I think it doesn’t really matter that I have that worked out because, by and large, it only has to make sense to me.

I find it strange and maybe remarkable that I always find myself back here, at this place of writing and processing, and so this is the tent at basecamp…the place where all wanderings end and begin.  Static in it’s place but still with some spectacular views.

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