And I Thought About Work

And then decided against it.

Because work never goes away.  It stalks me; I am the hunted.  I am shackled to it, typing on a virtual desktop, never escaping email, never escaping thinking about email.  Oh the mundanity.  I might as well be brushing my teeth.  At least I never hear the word “synergy” from my toothpaste nor do the bristles on my toothbrush turn grey from thinking about “integrated collaboration strategies.”  They both can just be there, useful in their way, and sleeping otherwise or at least I assume.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that, when not in use, they engaged in whatever frivolity dental health accessories can and should?  That would make me feel better about leaving them by themselves all day in the dark of the medicine cabinet…or at least, I assume.

So as most who work too much eventually do, I realized that the only hold on have on work is to say “no,” to choose other pastures, and to build a ring wall, complete with archers and bastions, ready to fling flaming arrows at the dreaded onslaught that work can rally.  And while I’m fully armed for battle and ready and willing to fight, I do wonder why it takes so much effort to keep work at bay. How have we gotten to the point that guilt happens when not paying heed to work that is encroaching on precious time otherwise spent doing much more interesting things…or at least, less soulless things?

I’m looking forward to brushing my teeth tonight if only to be in the company of that which spends its time to the fullest…at least, I assume.

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