Circling Back

I haven’t written here for a LONG TIME.  I’ve been tapped out on writing.  I can’t believe this last post wasn’t even in the past calendar year.  And yet as much as things change they obviously moreso stay the same.  I’m stunned that I’m still writing my dissertation.  Still talking about doubt.  Still thinking about doubt.  Still living in fear.

Thankfully, that seems almost done now.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I can smell life without this wretched schedule of writing and thinking and writing and thinking.  I might be able to sleep, at least for a few weeks.  I can’t even imagine in and I have to imagine it because it’s time to move on.  I’ve done my due diligence here.  I’ve run the race.  And now I just have to limp across the finish line and call it over.

I’d be more excited if I wasn’t so tired…so amazingly tired.  I had no clue exhaustion could exist to this degree.  For this degree.

Time to be free.


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