Women Dong Crazy Shit, Episode 2

Talk about how ideas squirrel themselves away in your brain.

I have a tag on here called “women doing crazy shit.”  I wrote that post in 2015; it’s about the Crossfit Games.  Embedded in the post is a video of the 2013 CF Games with Lindsey Valenzuela making her way through either a snatch or C/J ladder.  And in that post I basically do an analysis of femininity of female crossfitters who don’t look like or act like “ladies” but who are doing awesome things.

Fastforward to 2018: I’m doing Crossfit.  Ok, not at the same level for sure.  They’re lifting 242 pounds and yesterday I struggled with 115 (ugh, it was a bad day yesterday)…but I had totally forgotten I even found that video that long ago.  That might’ve been the actual day I became totally obsessed for all of the complexity of it that I described on that day.

I sometimes give myself such a hard time for not following through with great ideas.  Maybe I’m applying the wrong timeline.  So it took me a few years to dive in headlong.  So what?  And what’s really interesting about my commentary then was that I said two things that are so relevant now:

#1: Those ladies are take no prisoners.  Still true.  But am I now becoming that too?  I kinda feel like I am although I’m learning how not to apologize for lifting really heavy shit…the kind that strikes fear in the heart of masculinity everywhere. 

#2:  I want to be like those ladies.  I’m doing it.  When you look at those accomplishments, sometimes it’s hard not to want them right now.  But I am learning and plugging along in putting heavy, heavy shit up over my head.  I’ve almost forgotten that I wanted that prior to this April.  A great exercise in paying attention to the fact that I am actually following through on something.

My PR for the deadlift is 315 today and C/J is 135 today.  That’s just for future Katie to remember when she was lifting those little weights.

Life is funny.

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