Aw, Nuts!: W30 Day 2

Do you ever have that feeling when you wake up in the morning that something is really off?  Last night as I set my alarm for 6am I thought, “that seems early but it’s worth it.”  And then my body and the Universe took over. So when I woke up, the light in the room looked…not like 6am.  And indeed, it was 9am.  On any other day that would’ve been a real problem but today it was just perfect. 

I knew I needed it.  Elimination diets are hard work for the mind and the body. Sometimes I forget that but when you’re switching from glucose to fat-burning, you toss your body out of stasis, very much where it wants to live.  Rest is the best medicine and it sure was today.

I was living on borrowed excellent time, feeling no symptoms of sugar/carb withdrawl until about 2pm when that sinus-y, headachy, achy everything set in.  On keto, this is the “keto flu” and rightly named because you feel like you just caught the world’s most virulent flu bug.  I was there today, probably because Whole30 doesn’t require full carb withdrawl–I’m still getting fructose from fruit, and carbs from veggies and nuts.  So I’m hoping the symptoms will be mediated a bit.

What I couldn’t mediate today (or yesterday) for that matter was nuts.  I gotta control that business because 1) they’re so tasty 2) they’re calorie dense and 3) so easy to overeat.  Whole30 isn’t a free pass to eat hundreds of calories of nuts…which…happened.  Get it in check, Pacyna.

To close out the day, I Crossfitted.  I was genuinely curious as to how it would go seeing as I couldn’t use a pre-workout and I was feeling under-weather-ish all day.  Marques threw a 30. Minute. EMOM. at. me. 6 rounds of 5 movements to begin every minute on the minute (emom). 

And then I died.

I was joking that he was singlehandedly going to get me through this induction phase or the keto flu or whatever you want to call it in 6 hours or less.  I was only half joking.  I’m feeling tired but generally good after that.

Here’s hoping it’ll carry through to tomorrow.

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