Thirsty Like the Desert, Sleeping Like a Log: Whole 30 W3D3

I couldn’t be happier that I’m starting to feel like I’m coming out of the fog.  No matter how many times I do sugar detoxes: ugh.  Those first two weeks are never easy.  The good news, though, is that I’m finding it pretty predictably 14 days.  I’m sure part of that is mental but I’ll also say I feel an observable difference today.  Of course, there are other factors probably at play: I worked out last night which is always great for general wellness; I finally remembered to string together a couple days of taking both my B12 and Vitamin D supplement–both huge factors in energy throughout the day; I ate a very balanced 3 meals.  It could be all kinds of things.  But I also think it’s just coming out of the fog.

Here’s a couple thoughts about those things making themselves known to me in a new way these days:

Sleeping Like a Boss

I’m not totally sure why and I can’t willingly give all the credit to Whole30 but, holy cow, I’m sleeping like a dream right now.  I’ve really been trying to be consistent with Magnesium and Ashwaganda at night and both of those help sleep.  The workout is also always helpful in this department.  But since starting Whole30, sleep has been consistently better. Usually I wake up in the middle of the night at least once.  That hasn’t happened really in the past two weeks.  Perhaps there’s truth to the Chinese medicine body clock that was telling me my liver was waking me up.  Taking out all of those inflammatory foods would help that little liver out…and no alcohol…it’s like a vacation for my entire “cleaning” system in there.

Not Enough Water in the World to Quench this Thirst

This is something I’ve always been a little lax with.  There’s so many different rules about hydration: drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces OR 6 8-ounce glasses is more than enough OR be careful you don’t poison yourself with too much water OR count all liquid you drink OR no matter how much you drink of other beverages drink a crapload of water.
I get it.  Water’s good.
Last week I fell off the water wagon completely and knew it immediately by the little baby headaches that grew more persistent and digestion that was pretty…well…shitty. (Had to do it). So this week, instead of obsessing over nutpods and coffee, the one rule was that I drink more than enough water. I changed up a couple things.  I doubled the amount of water I drink in the morning right out of bed.  I promised myself to refill water at work twice instead of once during the afternoon.  I re-instituted my little lovely nighttime beverage of powdered magnesium and apple cider vinegar which, unbelievably, tastes like flavored sparkling water if I do it right.
I wake up thirstier and thirstier every day.  It’s like I roused Poseidon and now I require so much water I’m certain I’m personally causing a shortage.  And it persists to this day.  I’m just going to bank on consistency.  Hopefully, if I can re-hydrate to a normal level that the thirst will right itself.
On the up side of both of these are some unintended positive consequences.  I now have enough energy to keep up the necessary parade back and forth to the bathroom because…so. much. water.

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