Welcome to the Learning Lab

I had a great professor once (great in the sense that I remember this lecture some 20 years later) who taught theology and in order to make new things like the Gnostics (don’t ask) he would talk about the “learning lab of life.” Whenever the Sophists or some such group of historical crazies learned the hard way that their -ism wasn’t going to cut the mustard because, for instance, it was contrary to observable fact, he called that a “learning lab of life” moment.

Consistently since that college Theology class, I have used this phrase for two decades; it’s perhaps a concept that’s worth about $100,000K plus room and board. It’s one of the greatest ways I can explain how I’ve come to know things in life.

Hence the name of this blog and everything contained therein. There’s no doubt that I’m a committed student of life. I’m fascinated by the inner-workings of how my life works, at once a machine and an art project wrapped up into a feat of engineering (sometimes social and sometimes literal). This blog is a work notebook of all of these “rabbit-holes” that gain my interest over the course of my everyday as I’m trying to figure out how to muddle through (and on the best of days, how to maybe even succeed).

I’m welcoming you to join along. It’ll be interesting and probably entertaining. At least one can hope.

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