Updates, Shifts, and Miscellaneous Housekeeping

Welcome back to the tent. Thanks to the five bots or so that routinely stop by to say how much they liked my random post ranting about whatever the frustration du jour happened to be. Much appreciated.

That said, I’m in a moment of transition and my usual way of handling that is a slash-and-burn method that destroys much of my content in a wave of this is utterly the worst thing ever conjured up haze. In order to avoid that, because I can’t tell you how many years of writing I’ve lost nor how many times I’ve written that I’m re-starting post, I’ve decided to do what most normal people do and just state my intention to tweak course a little.

No harm, no foul. And many, many hours of saved writing, albeit highly varied in quality. So, in no particular order, here’s what I’m thinking:

1. I need to start storytelling around my health situation.

I’ve not at all broached this topic on this blog but I’m in a doozy of a health situation and I want to start writing about it for my own sanity…and also because it’s ripe for storytelling. Talk about a wandering, never-ending saga of assumption and patriarchy. I’m going to create a new category called “KP’s Health Saga” to denote these entries. It’s gonna be a lot of weight loss talk so…if you’re not interested, then just skip past. I’m talking to you Bot #3.

2. Using categories and the menu more usefully.

Up until now, this blog is like a very long diary of whatever I want to talk about. I love that about it and day-to-day that feel will continue. But there are days I want to talk about nonprofit crazy shit, other days, I want to write a meaningful essay rooted in sociology, some days I want to vent about the fact that I fasted for 18 hours and gained 3 pounds. Instead of making three or four different sites to capture all of those…it’s just gonna be right here. But, in the menu you, dear reader, can find direct access to those categories to isolate them or you can read from the homepage which will still list posts in order of publishing.

I’m a random thinker but even I need some order around here. If you’re interested in only those sociology or health or rants only, you can find those specifically by checking out the main site menu which is the 3 lines button at the top right.

If you embrace random, then you need do nothing. That’s chaos in and of itself.

3. Embracing multimedia.

I do love writing–it’s my main mode of thinking. But I find deep fascination in the difference that listening and presenting video shorts and podcasts can bring to storytelling. I make no promises but these are on the bucket list for this blog now. KP in a 360 degree experience. It’ll keep things fresh.

Okay, that’s it. Modest changes to an already hectic and niche blog, ironic because my niche is that I have no niche. Very meta. But these are my stories, this is my blog, and literally the only place of which I have total control and I’m exercising it…before the bots take over.

That’s it…a simple message really. Check out the menu if you haven’t for more ordered content and live on.

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