My name, in the interest of protecting my irrelevant anonymity, is KP.  Those are truly my initials.  It could mean I’m Karen Price or Karly Parker or maybe even Kasey…Pasem.  You’ll never know and only because I don’t want you to and not because I’m famous or something–far from it.

What I can tell you is that on my best days I’m going to call myself a student of life.  I like to work through big ideas, do puzzles, and challenge the everyday as much as I can in my mostly normal life.  I’m a sociologist by training, a researcher by career, and a survey statistician or quality assurance agent based on what everybody thinks I do.  In practice, I’m an entrepreneur both of good ideas and sometimes really terrible ideas.  On the Meyers Briggs I am an INTP-A, otherwise known as “the thinker.”

Let us celebrate the astute artistic interpretive minds that
have gone before us suggesting this looks like a pensive
dude sitting on a toilet in the state park.

(Sidebar: I was delightfully surprised to find out the both Meyers and Briggs are women…way to bring it home ladies.) As of today, I am that coworker that just microwaved fish.  I own it.  No apologies.  It was delicious.

If I were to take a moment of faux vulnerability to really admit my purpose here its multi-faceted.  As I mentioned in my previous page, “Why the Tent on the Beach,” this is an old blog that keeps popping up in the weirdest, most random ways which I ultimately interpret as a sign that I should keep writing things that I want to write.  I’m also coming out of a long period of darkness, not unlike my own personal Middle Ages in which not only did I have no impetus to write but I didn’t even have good ideas.  I’m ready to start capturing some ideas of my own that make me laugh and to start reflecting on emerging from the post-graduate haze of dissertation recovery (it’s now 5 years and counting).

The most true thing I know is that I’m finding want for a little space to reflect, comment, criticize, wildly complain without abandon about the world around me.  I’ve been looking for that place for a long time…and lo and behold here it is right under my nose.

Unlike conventional rules of blogging, I don’t have a theme.  I don’t have much purposeful to offer.  But I will offer it freely so, by the rules laid out haphazardly and with attitude by Millenials, that’s enough.

“Build it and the catch will come,” so they whine at me.

Okay, little millenials.  Okay.

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