Sleep, Elusive Sleep

There are chapters I could write (and probably will) about the weirdness of school once you get out of the wonderfully safe and cozy confines of the classroom. I find myself dreaming of that day in school that, in the moment, used to stress me out: syllabus day.

Oh the glory of imposed structure. You’d get a document (in graduate school, those suckers were basically books unto themselves, often twice or thrice stapled to ensure maximum security of pages) and you’d be off to the races. Oh the simplicity and easiness of the task, laid out right there for ya, by date.

But, you know, I’ll accept that dream any day because this post is not about syllabi or structure but my inability to get enough sleep these days. Now before you go ahead and jump down my throat for daring to suggest that a student life is one of the best things ever, understand me. I’m not complaining about a lack of time. I’m grousing about my own psyche and its inability to be productive before 9pm on any given night. I’m not sure how this happened but I am fully at the mercy of a late-night brain. Which makes the early-morning work world show up ahead of schedule every single day.

So, since I’ve committed myself to getting this business done, I’ve been getting about 4 hours of sleep a night…Last night, I was up until 1am…outlining (which has become the nastiest word in any of the romance languages…I’d prefer never to speak it). Now my eyelids are hanging at half mast and I’m trying to focus my brain on other things. It’s not easy. The focusing…um…what was I saying….

Right, focusing.

I’m hoping once writing commences, this will at least get more enjoyable. Until then, I’m planning on cramming in about 3-4 hours of quality sleep a night. I can now achieve REM sleep on command. And that alarm–it might not survive this process. That’s gonna be day-to-day.

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