Things I Can’t Live Without: Fatty-Coffee

So, living the keto life can be hard. I’m still not 100% in love with keto for reasons I’ll discuss here before too long. That said, whether keto or not, I found myself realizing that this MCT oil powder has become *the* staple that I need (NEED) in my morning routine right after I list my Nespresso coffee maker and the delicious coffee that issues forth from it every day.

I *wish* I was sponsored by Perfect Keto. Alas, i’m not, but I don’t care. This is by far my favorite MCT oil powder. Let me explain.

The glory of MCT Oil and the subsequent powder

MCT stands for “medium chain triglyceride” and we all know what oil is. MCTs pop up in keto-ese all the time as they’re the most efficient form of fuel from fat that you want to ingest. It’s because they’re medium- and not long-chain fatty acids which take longer for your body to absorb. MCTs become some of the quickest absorbing fats you can take in and your body can use, found most commonly in nature in coconuts (also a keto staple), hence the ubiquitous coconut in keto diets.

While many of your “bulletproof”-style fatty coffees say, “go ahead and slather than coconut oil in” and I have and those coffees hit my stomach like a viscous, lava-like slick of oil and butter. “They’re like lattes,” keto zealots say. No matter how much I blended them, tried different coconut oils, and flavorings, coconut oil ALWAYS made my bulletproof coffee thicker and if there’s one thing I cannot abide it’s a thick, hot coffee. I mean, gag.

In an effort to keep my coffee less “chewy,” I had to believe there was a better way. Thus I found MCT oil which solves most of the problem for coffee. MCT oil is essentially the MCTs extracted from coconuts and a few other sources (like palm oil) and clarified so you get all of the benefit and none of the solids of coconut oil–awesome for adding to liquids. (I don’t know if this is right but I think of it as the ghee of coconuts). What more could I ask for?

How about all of that awesomeness in a non-oily powder form?

Yes, please.

Awesome coffee.

My most favorite part about MCT oil powder for coffee is the lack of need to blend this in a blender. No emulsification necessary. The powder dissolves instantly and doesn’t leave an oil slick on the top of your coffee that will then transfer and take up residence on your upper lip for the remainder of the day.

My second most favorite part about it is an almost indiscernible coconut flavor. When you’re drinking coffee with coconut oil in it, you are deeply aware of it. This powder just quietly, unobtrusively delivers great fat to your warm beverage without trumpeting its presence to you.

The powder is just so civilized. It even dissolves in cold liquids.

Even when I’m not on keto, I add this to my coffee everyday. Why?

Benefits of MCT Oil Powder

  • Clears up brain fog
  • Delivers a useful, healthy fat into your diet early in the day to help combat insulin spikes (including those that coffee alone may cause)
  • Helps to maintain a “fat fast” if you’re working your way toward intermittent fasting or limiting the window you want an higher insulin response
  • Helps you feel fuller longer in the morning

I could go on but do I have to? It’s worth trying out if you haven’t. When I start to run out, it makes me nervous and that’s always a good sign to me of the value of a product I’m using.

QUICK WARNING: The picture above is of the non-flavored, unsweetened version that I use and is very versatile. I just ordered the salted caramel because people raved about it only to realize it’s sweetened with Stevia. It blew my mind that a keto-based product needs to be that sweet. All I’m saying is, “proceed with caution” if you don’t usually sweeten your coffee…the flavored versions of this will shock you with a pretty incredible Stevia slap.

Lesson learned.

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