The Weekly Round-Up

Monday, March 15, 2021 Edition

Last Friday I was blissfully scurrying east on I-80 from Chicago to Cleveland, hurtling toward a much needed catch-up with the family as I realized that the Weekly Round-Up had yet to be done. After a snoozy weekend of naps and mom’s homecookin’, I’m ready to look back at the week that was the 2nd full week of March. So let’s just extend the hindsight and get going.

best change of time and space: Daylight Savings Time is back!

There have been times in my life during which Daylight Savings has felt inconsequential; this is not one of those times. Since November’s clock moved backward that hour, spun as “an extra hour of sleep,” which, let’s be honest, I welcome no matter the cost, I’ve been planning for the glorious return of sunlight post- 6pm. Everything gets easier when it’s lighter outside. I don’t love the summer but I’ll take the extra vitamin D.

best press conference of the week: White House COVID-19 Task Force Updates

There’s the Sexiest Man on Earth, People-style

I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed this recently but I stand by these as the greatest example of public information that exists right now. I watch these on YouTube, live, hosted by the White House and it’s a refreshing change to just get the facts, without spin of any sort. Straight from Fauci…and Wollensky…and the White House guy…Andy? Anyway, not only is this effort killing it but this form of public updates is 2nd to none. Bravo, all.

best diversion of the week: Gifs

I’m extremely late on this bandwagon but I’ve been texting almost exclusively in gifs this week and my level of joy has increased about 427%. I used to feel these things meant the death of prose; they might still, but I absolutely don’t care. My text game has moved to the next level and it’s all because of these…consider me dumber and happier.

best read of the week: Meaty by Samantha Irby

It’s not what you think

This is my third Samantha Irby book this year, although the first she published, and it’s by far my favorite but, at the same time, not the best of her collection. Because I read these out of order, which doesn’t matter at all to the content but belies her coming into her own professional voice, this particular work is so raw and feels somewhat experimental–like she’s testing the tender landscape of essay-writing with her toe before shifting all of her weight onto the foot taking the next step. Her writing is not for the genteel; prepare yourself for language and content that southern belles might gasp at with a silky-smooth back of their hand pressed against their perfect forehead. No, no, strap in for bawdy, if not sometimes just blatantly disgusting conversation around relationships, sex, and life of a 30-something who breaks every kind of mold. But her honesty and vulnerability is on full display. I highly recommend, if you can stomach it.

best fitness platform that doesn’t make me want to kill someone: FitOn

I’m waiting for the other shoes to drop with this but, for now, let me say this app is amazing. A long-time subscriber (and by that I mean waster of a subscription fee) of both daily burn and sometimes Peloton, this is THE GREATEST, FREE APP that ever came across my Instagram ads. I can’t figure out how it’s free. The trainers and classes are top-notch. I did sign up for the access to meal ideas, etc, so for $30/year…that’s right, not month…it felt beyond affordable. I guess I’ll get back to you on whether this pans out but so far…I’m just gleefully kickboxing in my living room and not asking any questions

Alright, that’s the short-and-sweet version of a week that was mostly defined by a sprint and work created by the fact of my boss’s vacation this week and who cares about a flurry of calendar invites and to-do lists. This was truly the best of the mediocre. Oh well.

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